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Weekend Reading: Sunday 30th August

The Real-time Web: A Primer

“As with other recent waves of innovation (Web 2.0 and cloud computing, for example) there is no single definition of what the term “real-time Web” means. As a result, it is used as a catch-all phrase for a number of developments underway. At this point, we can identify that the real-time Web…”

by Ken Fromm @frommww.

How to price Enterprise Social Computing offerings

I didn’t realise what a complicated topic this is until this week when an investor completely junked our pricing model with one simple graph. So this weekend I’ve been researching the subject. There are some highly counterintuitive ideas under discussion, which suggests the possibility that there might be a good opportunity to price using an alternative model to the traditional: per user with volume discount.

LShift: Thoughts on real time full text search

This is an interesting discussion on approaches for full text searching on massive data sets such as real time web applications; Twitter is the example.

A list of distributed key value stores

It’s a little more than just a list; here is a fairly good high level overview of current DHT offerings compared form the authors context.

Update: Here is a more up to date comparison prepared by Tony Negrin (Yahoo) after the recent noSQL 09 conference. It includes some indication of maturity and momentum.

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August 30, 2009 at 11:23 am

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